Hand-Tied Weft Extensions Now In Stock!

Until today, if you walked into a salon in Orlando for an extensions consultation, you would be told that it would take a few days to order your hair. You would pay for it and wait for your appointment to have it put in.

The day of your appointment would be the first time you would actually see the hair that was going to be installed. If you wanted it faster, the salon would have to collect extra for overnight shipping. This was not ideal.  

We’ve partnered with Luxury Hand-Tied extensions brand Frame & Thread to change all of that.

We’re stocking all 21 Frame & Thread colors at both of our Winter Park locations!

When you come in for your hand-tied weft consultation with us, you will see and hold the actual hair that you can reserve for the date of your installation. You’ll see the color, the shine, and the length. You’ll feel the smooth texture and you will know exactly what you are getting.

Premium quality hand-tied extensions hair can last for 8 months to a year with proper maintenance and at-home care. Selecting the right hair is an important decision that becomes a lot easier when you can actually see what you are buying.

But wait, there’s more!

Hair extensions are sold in packs. There are usually 6 or 8 wefts, of the same color, in a pack. To get the best result, you might need 3 wefts or you might need 9 wefts. You might even want to blend 2 colors for a more perfect match to your real hair. In the past, you would almost always end up paying for extra hair that you just didn’t need.

With Frame & Thread, each weft is sold individually! You can create the perfect blend without buying any extra hair. You could even decide to add one or two more wefts later. It’s completely flexible.

This is the way it should be!

  • Get a perfect blend and a perfect match
  • See the exact hair that will be yours
  • No fees for shipping and no waiting
  • Buy only the exact amount you need
  • Easily add a weft or two later without ordering another full pack

Please note that this is with participating stylists who are certified in hand-tied weft extensions and choose to offer Frame & Thread.