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august, 2018

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Points Totals

Points are earned per event. For most events, 1 point is earned for arriving on time and 1 point for working the event. Points give you a better chance at getting the best games. Each point gives you 1 entry when stylist names are drawn. Some points carry over to the next season. Based on the total from the previous season, stylists will be given 2, 4, or 6 points at the start of the a new season.

Stylist:  Points Thru Nov 3
Ann Marie Stoops 2
Danielle Schmitz
Demarco Mireles 2
Desiree Wilson
Donny Dinh 4
Kimber Tanner 2
Kiya Woulard
Megan Glisson 4
Olivia Bobbitt 4
Rachel Traexler 2
Rocky Ramos 4